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Vietnam visa application Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival: the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get visa to Vietnam
Vietnam visa online, get Vietnam visa on arrival from $10 within 36 hours only
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Old 07-12-2012, 09:53 AM
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Default Getting Vietnam visa from UK - Full guidance on applying visa online/applying visa at the embassy

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Nationals of certain countries may visit Vietnam without visa for a period of time. Hereunder is the list of countries which have signed a bilateral or unilateral visa exemption agreement with Vietnam:
Citizens of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos holding valid ordinary passports are exempt from visa requirements and are allowed to stay for not more than 30 days; Philippines is allowed to stay for not more than 21 days; Brunei is allowed to stay for not more than 14 days.
Citizens of Japan, South Korea and the Nordic countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia, Norway are allowed to stay for not more than 15 days.
If you are not in the list of Vietnam visa exemption, you are obviously obliged to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam.

There are 2 options for US citizens apply for Vietnam visa

A.1 Apply for a visa on arrival:
This seems to be the easiest way to get a visa if you want to avoid the complicated procedures and bureaucracy at the embassy or consulate. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport as you pass through our immigration checkpoint. This kind of visa is available for entering the country by air only. It is especially beneficial for those who live far away from the Vietnamese Embassies and do not wish to send their passports away by mail.

How to apply for a visa on arrival:
1.1. Step 1
Get started by using visa online application form which allows you to submit your application:
1. Your full name (exactly as in your passport)
2. Gender
3. Date of birth (DOB)
4. Nationality
5. Passport number
6. Visa type: single/ multiple for 01/ 03 month(s)
7. Proposed arrival date
1.2. Step 2
Upon receipt of your application and payment, we will start processing your visa and send it to you by email in PDF format or JPG images within 2 working days. You then will need to print the file (colour preferred, but not required), prepare at least 2 photos of passport regulation size (2in x 2in, or 5.08 cm x 5.08 cm but not too strict), 25 USD (for single entry) or 50 USD (for multiple entry) for stamping fees per person
1.3. Step 3
At the Vietnam International airport (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city or Danang), expect a simple form to fill in, present the approval letter, passport, photos, and pay for the stamping fee to get your visa done. The actual process takes around 15 minutes without hassle or trouble.

A.2 Apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates:
For tourists who expect to travel Vietnam by bus, by train or by cruise ship, they must have a visa prior to arriving Vietnam. In this case, they are requested to apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in United Kingdom where they are living or residing as below:

Embassy of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom
Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
Phone: (4420) 79371912
Fax: (44020) 7565385

Consulate General of Vietnam in London, United Kingdom

Address: 12-14 Victoria Rd., London W8-5rd, UK
Phone: (4420) 79371912
Fax: (44020) 7565385

How to apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in United Kingdom:
In order to apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in United Kingdom, the applicants are kindly requested to submit:
- The original and passport: which must have at least one-month validity after the expiry of the visa and one blank page left;
- 01 copy of the application form properly filled out;
- 02 passport-sized photos (firmly attached to the forms);
- Visa fee.
Visa fee has to be in company check or money order made payable to the "Embassy of Vietnam". Personal check has to be valid with banks and the applicant can come to the Embassy or Consulates for visa application or pickup.
The Embassy of Vietnam can send the visa to the applicant by postal if so requested and provided with a prepaid return postal label or a self-addressed and stamped envelop.
Upon receipt of the application, it takes three (03) working days by normal service for your passport(s) with the visa to be ready for collection at the Embassy or for return by post in the return envelope you provided. Express service is available and incurs extra cost. If you need Express service, please contact the Embassy for further information

After the procedures in Item A completed, the applicants who living or residing in United Kingdom will receive the visa approval letter within 2 working days (for visa on arrival) or 3-5 working days, sometimes a whole week as Vietnamese Embassy need time to check applicant’s information and the passport and other related information before approving and stamping visa (for visa applied in Vietnamese Embassy or Consulates in United Kingdom)
In urgent case, the approval letter (for visa on arrival) can be arranged in just a few hours. It’s very beneficial for the applicants who unfortunately forget to apply for visa, or for those who have emergency business in Vietnam. Learn more about Vietnam urgent visa
A colored scanned copy of the approval letter will be sent to the applicants by email, so please make sure that you have provided us with the correct email address.
A visa applied at Vietnam Embassy will be handled at Vietnam Embassy or sent to the applicant by postal.

The approval letter for visa on arrival sample:

Sample of visa getting at Vietnamese Embassy:


C.1 At immigration checkpoints
For a visa applied at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates in above A.2 Apply for a visa at Vietnam Embassy or Consulates, the travelers feel free to bring a valid visa with the original passport to go through the Immigration checkpoints at Vietnam airports.
For a visa on arrival, the travelers will be requested to take a queue at Immigration Counter, present the approval letter in Phase B with a valid passport and 2 photos (4cm x 6cm).

Finding the Immigration Counter on the map

Map of Immigration Counter at Hanoi airport

Map of Immigration Counter at Ho Chi Minh airport

Notice: For those who enter Vietnam do not want to waste time for queuing in stamping visa at the airport should pay attention to our notices in order to make convenient for you. All necessary documents as below should be prepared carefully and accurately:
1. The Vietnam visa approval letter that we send to you via email must be printed and taken together with you to the airport.
2. Bring your original passport to the airport and make sure that its valid remains at least one month from your date of exit out of Vietnam.
3. Your passport is required at least one blank page where the visa sticker can be placed.
4. Take some money in cash for paying visa stamping fee at Vietnam airport (US$25 for single entry visa and US$ 50 for multiple entry visa).
5. Take two passport-sized photos together.
The wait time hardly exceeds 30 minutes and is usually around 15 minutes. You are required showing all documents mentioned-above to the Immigration Officer and pay stamping fee directly. If you do not forget information that we tell you, you will not get any hassle.

C2. Entry and exit form
In order to save your time at the airport, you are pleased to download this on arrival form, fill out in advance to submit at Immigration checkpoints later.
What is entry and exit form?
Vietnam entry and exit form (M3) is required of all foreign passengers arriving in Vietnam by air. The form will be handed out to you either on the airplane or when you arrive at a Vietnam airport. After you fill in the form, please return it to the immigration officer who will stamp your passport with a visa on arrival, or give you an entry stamp if you already have a pre-arranged visa. You can also save time by downloading the form and filling it in advance.
Guidance on how to fill in on arrival form (enter and exit form or M3 form)
1 - Name and surname: must write in capital and must match your passport details. Eg: ANDREW RICHARD CROSTIE
2 - Date of birth: write in dd/mm/yyyy order
3 - Sex: fill in male or female
4 - Place of birth: write both city and country name
5 - Nationality: Write both nationality if you have. Eg: United States/ United Kingdom (not American or British)
6 - Passport details: write your passport number, kind of passport (standard/diplomatic/official) date of issue and expiry date. For section "Issued by" - please check your passport for details.
7 - Profession and place of employment: this section must match the record you provide Vietnamese embassy when applying for a Vietnam visa, or for visa-on-arrival, simply fill in your current occupation.
8 - Present address: this is your home address in the country you are coming from
9 - Children accompanying: list all that apply
10 - Purpose of entry and exit: write one that applies (tourism/ business/ study/ work/ other)
Name, address of contact: this can be the name of the hotel if you are a tourist, or a company if you come for business purpose
11 - Proposed duration to entry and exit Vietnam: give as exact estimation as possible. Note that this record must match the visa you applied for.
12 - Port of arrival and departure: write down - Arrival: Tan Son Nhat airport, Noi Bai airport or Da Nang airport. Departure - Tan Son Nhat airport, Moc Bai border gate... you might be requested to present a return flight ticket in special cases.
13 - Done at... on.... write down the name of the airport or border gate through which you are entering Vietnam and sign.

Any Vietnam visa requirements can be done by, a local visa agency with great command and experience. Please send us your visa inquiries or questions to the email or call at +84 912 685 141, we are ready for help.

Start applying for visa HERE today, get it ready within 2 days!

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